Racquet & Tax’s Ethos


Racquet & TAX is an independent publication formed by Racquet Studio (AUS) and The TAX Collection (USA). The unbiased portal showcases various talent that make it onto the brand’s radars. Through a shared belief that popularity and trends can stifle diversity in the arts, Racquet & TAX focuses on every sort of aesthetic. Symptomatic of this, the scope of the site is undeniably broad. As TAX surmise, culture stagnates around specific icons and imagery for no apparent reason. The establishment of Racquet & TAX, and the manner in which it’s curated, runs against this grain. If Racquet & TAX is to achieve purpose, it will remove the dampening of artistic expression inherent in popular culture. It will celebrate breaking the binaries preventing people from trying something new. Racquet & Tax will never be one-dimensional, biased, skewed or allow finance to motivate curation. Equally important, the platform will always provide insight beyond the aesthetic. Because without the artist, there is no art.



Racquet Studio
is a global community of creative and strategic talent. Ten years in development, the brand reverse-engineered traditional agency mechanics, using our infancy to earn reach over revenue. Their acclaimed background in publishing shoulders partnerships with the world’s best media outlets. Follow on WebInstagram and Facebook. Equally important, The TAX Collection is a multi-modal creative lab aimed at revolutionising the way popular culture interacts within producer-consumer relationships. For the sole sake of retaining integrity in each piece an artist creates, TAX break binaries and remind the world that art only exists if we pretend it does. Follow The TAX Collection on WebInstagram and Facebook.

Racquet & TAX Curators

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