This post was curated by TAX Collection and written by Racquet Studio.

The Racquet & TAX visual wanderlust often travels far, sometimes landing in a world as bright and beautiful as that of Kris Por. Run by two artists based in Vancouver, Kris and Ashley, the photography and art production studio gives off an almost illicit appeal. It’s as if a grown-up Alice has discovered a different kind of Wonderland, one made up of rave parties and bubblegum pink lipstick. Acidic in colour and pulsing with high-voltage energy, the dangerously sexy imagery of Kris Por Studio are sure to please.

absinthxkrispor afflictionxkrispor barbiexkrispor bitexkrispor blueberryyumyumxkrispor bubbleyumxkrispor candyxkrispor cardinalxkrispor cherrybombxkrispor colaxkrispor deathwishxkrispor dreamsxkrispor exactorxkrispor gameoverexkrispor girlwithcollarxkrispor gossipxkrispor happypandaxkrispor idoxkrispor inhalexkrispor lawomanxkrispor lovehurtsxkrispor luckyicecreamxkrispor mayaxkrispor munchiesxkrispor nightmarexkrispor oilxkrispor onexkrispor partyxkrispor pillxkrispor plasticxkrispor redrumxkrispor salivatexkrispor savagexkrispor secretsxkrispor skullkissxkrispor sugarxkrispor technoxkrispor tomfordxkrispor ultravioletxkrispor venomxkrispor weedisbeautifulxkrispor