Described by C-heads as “one of the most badass females on the face of the earth,” Nicoline Aagesen, known well as My Camera My Rules, really is a powerful force. From her modelling to her current passion for photography, Nicoline draws inspirations from idols like Tony Kelly, Terry Richardson, Henrik Purienne & David LaChapelle. Though, at her very core, her My Camera My Rules ethos applies, one that came about after a particular model had a little too much input, causing Nicoline to assert her role as the photographer.

Speaking with her was rather brief, and we can only assume her schedule is tightly packed. She was “colourful” in high school and “passion” fuelled her move toward photography. Her creative kit contains “a camera, chocolate, glitter, polaroids and bananas”, and her favourite quote also happens to be one of mine: “art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

Nicoline’s dream job is to be a mermaid, and if an elephant appeared in her backyard out of thin air, she’d ‘ride it’. More important than all of the above, she’s one stupidly talented individual who we’re glad to have had time to speak with. Check out her pictures bellow, and follow her on social:

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