Gutsy? Yeah. Impossible? No.

Our parent agency Racquet Studio has just announced their ‘Road Trip’ project. Presented by Topdeck, the east coast venture is Australia’s first 100% visual tour, handing benefit to three of our nation’s key industries: creative, fashion and tourism. Each project involves flying a globally respected photographer to Australia, mixing them with homegrown talent, then setting the collective free to shoot content for labels we love. This is all done in Australia’s most awe-inspiring locations, with tour #1 running strictly coastline. Road Trip is the first endeavor of its kind, though more than that, it’s a huge step forward in the creative sphere. Getting a ticket is like paying economy and flying first class. Return.

100% of profits from the tour will be donated to The Social Outfit, a charity that gels with the fashion world to provide refugees with sustainable work. The decision was inspired by Road Trip’s first international talent, Bob Sala (Germany). Despite being one of the world’s most renowned photographers, a global Fuji X member and shooter for Rolling Stone, many of Sala’s days are spent near his hometown teaching refugee’s language skills.

Adding spice to it all, the entire tour will be run on live updates via their digital Road Trip portal, and they’ll be keeping spare seats for any brands, labels, models or creatives who want to have a run at the stint, anywhere between Noosa and Byron Bay. Specifics fall below.

Roadtrip Sala.

Dates: Nov 12-20, 2016.
Locations: Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Springbrook, Byron Bay
Photographers: Bob Sala (Ger), Sam Lebib, Rupert Laycock, and many more.
Labels: Adidas Originals, Zulu & Zephyr, Lack of Color, Sunday Somewhere, Ziggy Denim, For Lovers Only, Volley Australia, Fallen Broken Street, Velveteen Rabbit, Somedays Lovin, Bamba Swim, The Bare Road, Van Der Kooij, Fillyboo and many more. Full details on the tour poster (below).

Come For The Ride.

Racquet and Topdeck Travel encourages everyone to get involved in the Road Trip project. From labels, models, photographers and other creatives, they’ve got room to accommodate all sorts of wonderful people, brands and the like. You can join or simply follow the journey by using any of the below links. If you want to make contact ASAP, slide into @racquetstudio’s Insta DM’s. They won’t judge.


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